Who We Are

Much loved English thrash metal band from the late 80’s. Known for their sense of fun, crazy live shows, heads down speed metal and a thrashed up version of Blondie’s “Hangin On The Telephone” that they released as a Christmas single in 1989.

Albums included Moshkinstein, The Fear & Obnoxious.
They split in 1992 and have refused to reform despite many requests and facebook campaigns.

“Man I wish Acid Reign would get back together just for one show, I’d get crazy drunk and jump off the PA stack just like the old days.”

by James Hetfiled September 21, 2009 www.urbanddictionary.com

What We Do – UKAC

United Kingdom Apple Core – A fictitious genre of music made up by legendary UK Thrash Metal band Acid Reign making fun of all the various “cores” that populate the Heavy Metal genre.

“I’m UKAC till I die! Me too, Acid Reign were the s**t back in the day, I used to square dance my butt off at their shows”

by James Hetfiled May 17, 2013, www.urbanddictionary.com

“…..one of the best bands to ever grace the British thrash metal scene. UKAC !!”

by David Briggs UKAC Enthusiast August 14, 2014


Pete Dee

Pete is well known as the guitarist and frontman of Kremated, but is a bassist first and foremost. He can also be found laying down the low end with London Hardcore legends Bun Dem Out LBU. Pete has been around the Metal and Hardcore scenes since the early-mid 1980s. His favourite heavy bands are Voivod, Crumbsuckers, Terror, Motorhead and 7 Seconds. His all time favourite band is Cardiacs, who he describes as 'the only band that sounds like the inside of my head'.

Pete's favourite bassists are Lemmy, Chris Squire (RIP), Brian from The Varukers and Norman Watt Roy. His favourite TV programs are Doctor Who (he has a half sleeve of Doctor Who tattoos!), Look Around You, Futurama, Blakes 7 and The Prisoner. Someone once described him as 'The Heavy Metal Danny Dyer' because of his repeated use of the word 'fuckin' instead of a hyphen. His Uncle used to play guitar for Shakin' Stevens in the 1970s. Pete used to collect full sized video games, and when he grows up, he wants to be a train driver.

Favourite venue (past or present) - The Marquee

Favourite flavour - Strawberry

Favourite author - Douglas Adams


Howard 'H' Smith


H is based in London where he is best friends with The Queen, Sherlock Holmes and Lemmy. He has performed as a stand-up comedian since 1994 as himself and also as his alter ego 'Keith Platt - Professional Yorkshireman'. He hosts the world's only comedy/metal podcast 'Talking Bollocks' click the tab at the top of the page to have a listen, or don't. Do you always do everything everyone tells you? Thought not.

Seriously though click it you bastard.

When not doing all that stuff H likes to swim with dolphins, heal the sick and poke fox's with sticks. His star sign is a secret. Michael J Fox (before Parkinson's) would play him in the film of his life.

Favourite colour - None of your business.

Favourite porn star - Your mum.

Favourite name for a cat - Ian.


Marc Jackson


Alreet! Wor Marc Jackson is a canny lad from N'castle who is that rarest of Geordie's, he divin give a toss about football like. He's been hitting things since he wor a youngun and has hit things all over the place for Mpire Of Evil and a few others like.

He is an approachable lad who considers himself a rock drummer like, but divin be thinking he cannit hack thrash like, he's a fookin beast! Marc is currently learning to drive and improve on his drinkin skills an all. Not both at the same time like. He likes tits like.

Favourite phrase - Tit oot, tail oot!

Favourite drink - Broon.

Favourite snack- Stotty cake


Dean Cook

Cooky is a TIDY! guy, based in Bridgend, played in bands for about 30 years playing everything from thrash to trash! And everything in between. Has supported B4MV and has been on the cover of KERRANG!.....TIDY!! Has played GIBSON guitar most of his life, so you could say they are the favourite, does like a DEAN from time to time though.

Favourite bands, The sensational Alex Harvey band, ACID REIGN (of course!), TESTAMENT, AC/DC,..the list goes on. Fave guitarist has gotta be Angus Young as not for him he wouldn't be playing. He gave up smoking 5 yrs ago after his daughter was born. Best moments in life, becoming a dad and watching the sex pistols in Finsbury Park...Fukin TIDY!! Love curry, love gravy and love anything saucy and kinky for that matter!

Favourite word - CUNT! It's the juiciest word about!

Favourite phrase - You're a CUNT!

Favourite catch phrase - You're all a bunch of CUNTS!!!....tidy!


Paul Chanter


Paul (AKA Mr Chuff/Chuff/That Asshole) is from somewhere you've never been to.

He has been in a few bands, toured about the place, recorded some stuff (with other people and on his own) and now he's doing this coz H asked him to.

In his spare time Paul likes to sit on his immaculate ass and watch as many films as possible, offend other people (intentionally or otherwise), slap raw chickens, fart loudly, draw cocks on other peoples stuff and not talk. He is a dirty-minded oik and has probably done a sex on you before.

Paul is also a deeply unsociable Scorpio and it is highly likely that he has killed or will kill someone at some point in his life. That's it. Fuck off.

Favourite film - Jaws and will bore anyone about how rad it is at any given chance.

Favourite crisp - The Frazzle.

Favourite episode - 5

For Acid Reign history see here