Tales From The Book Of Thrash

02 Nov 2018 Leeds


Time : 6.30 PM
Venue : Tales From The Book Of Thrash

Welcome to an evening in the company of Howard H Smith, vocalist with legendary UK thrash band Acid Reign, Stand up comedian and host of the Talking Bollocks podcast.
In this 90 minute show Howard will be telling stories from the road with some of thrash’s biggest names, be prepared to laugh, cry and just be straight out amazed. He will be revealing behind the scenes controversies, bizarre occurrences and a lot of secret thrash metal history.
This promises to be a night that will leave you with a smile on your face, your jaw on the floor and stories to retell to your friends in abundance.

“Howard is a brilliant story teller, with the ability to keep everyone in the room completely engrossed in his tales. I absolutely recommend you go listen to what he has to say. Just don’t feel too bad that his gig stories are probably way cooler, gangster and funnier than yours”

Victoria Scott, Burnley, December 2017