Apple Core On The Road

Coming soon to a town nowhere near you, so you will bitch and moan - soon.

Past Shows

06 Apr 2018 An Evening With Howard 'H' Smith Glasgow Audio Glasgow Audio
06 Jan 2018 Hardmetalfest Mangualde Santo André Santo André
15 Dec 2017 An Evening With Howard 'H' Smith Burnley Burnley
10 Dec 2017 Brudenell Leeds Leeds
09 Dec 2017 Audio Glasgow Glasgow
08 Dec 2017 Rebellion Manchester Manchester
27 Aug 2017 Sancfest Burnley Burnley
21 Jul 2017 Amplified Festival Aldsworth Aldsworth
01 Jul 2017 Metal 2 The Masses Scala Kings Cross London Scala Kings Cross London
28 May 2017 Breaking Bands Festival Bromsgrove Bromsgrove

“It was a superb night of thrash and punk with the legendary Acid Reign, if you can’t have fun here, then you don’t know what living is like.”