The Apple Core Archives 2014 CD ONLY

Title : The Apple Core Archives
Release Date : August 4, 2014
Format : CD

Apple Core Returns
By Bad…Blood on 16 Sept. 2014
I don’t part with £11 easy these days but when I seen this little collective there was no hesitation, of course I already have all the albums on vinyl from back in the day – Moshkinstein 1988, The Fear 1989 and Obnoxious 1990, but when the worlds finest Apple Core Square dancers release something then you better had buy it………………so I did. Now Im not going into any details of tracks because I think the only people this will appeal to is middle aged men like me who remember Acid Reign from the good old days, men that remember Sodom, Kreator and Slayer leading a new brand of Metal – Thrash, and then Acid Reign putting their stamp on the whole thing. They didn’t take themselves to seriously – we didn’t care, they weren’t the most talented – we looked beyond that small fact. Acid Reign were pure moshing fun and listening to these little gems again reminds me how great is was to be part of a brilliant era, there is also some extra stuff on the CDs so even if you have all the vinyls (like me) its still worth the purchase, you will be singing along like its the 80s again. PS – don’t sing – Remember, your mother is the only one who really loves you, in front of your kids, for some reason they get upset……….